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Rua Padre Moisés da Silva, Loja 52 2750-437 Cascais


(+351) 210 144 311

About Rubro Cascais

Wine, Grill and Tapas.

The Rubro brand was born in April 2009 and has three restaurants: Rubro Campo Pequeno, Rubro Avenida and Rubro Cascais. Rubro means: fiery red, wine, party, race and power. Rubro has a very unique concept, based on three essential pillars: Wine, Grill and Tapas. Based on the principles of authenticity, simplicity and conviviality, Rubro values above all the quality of the ingredients and uses recipes with little manipulation allowing their quality to stand out. Since opening we have made a commitment to promote aged beef, an area in which we have come to specialize. This item has in our menu, as an ex-libris, our famous Chuletón de Buey.