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Rua do Poço Novo, 180 2750-465 Cascais


(+351) 21 404 5106

About Izakaya

Izakaya is a small restaurant full of style, with a counter that fits no more than 20 people and the kitchen right in the middle of it. This restaurant by Tiago Penão (The chef at Kappo restaurant) brings to Cascais the concept of a Japonese tavern, or a Japonese pub. According to the chef, this is the kind of place where Japonese go to after work to eat and have a drink.

Even though Izakaya is a Japonese restaurant, sushi is not its specialty. Instead, there is a variety of dishes such as yakitori, small charcoal-grilled kebabs, hatsumoto (top of the chicken´s heart) or bonjiri (chicken tails). To drink, there is a range of sake options, craft rice beer, Japonese branded beer and cocktails.