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Avª Aida Arcadas do Parque do Estoril, 67 2765-187 Estoril


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About Deck-Bar

"The tradition of our history in the present"

“Deck” probably is the oldest establishments of Cascais. Housed in a 1929 building, of German origin, the first owners of the establishment took refuge in the Estoril Coast, after the war. The name “Deck” has its roots in a sailboat moored along the Tamariz beach. The present business partnership manages the Deck-Bar Restaurante since 1956, and aims that their team, day after day and year after year, makes this house and its wide open air area, shaded by centuries-old trees, a meeting point and one of the most pleasant places in the Estoril Coast to calmly savour a delicious meal or drink.