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Spring at Parks and Monuments of Sintra

From: 2017-05-01
to: 2017-05-31

Spring at Parks and Monuments of Sintra

There’s a Donkey Here!
Every Saturday in May, 10am, 12pm, 3pm, Ferdinand II Hunting Grounds (by the Convent of the Capuchos)
In this adventure, you will learn the history of these animals throughout the centuries, followed by a tour through the forest: the children get to ride and the adults lead the animals by hand.


52nd Sintra Festival
5 to 27 May, Sintra and Queluz National Palaces, Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre and Quinta da Piedade
Tradition and Modernity, that is the essence of the 2017 Sintra Festival.


The Art of Medieval War – “From Al-Andalus to the Reconquista”
Saturday, 6 May, 10am-6pm, Moorish Castle
For this historic recreation, the 12th century will serve as background, a period where several historical moments took place in Sintra.


Piano Sundays
Sunday, 7 May, 3pm, Monserrate Palace
On the first Sunday of each month, the pianist Raúl Pinto will be at the Monserrate Palace’s Music Room to play the piano, between 3pm and 5pm.


Birdwatching at the Farmyard
Saturday, 13 May, 9.30am, Monserrate Farmyard
Birdwatching session, where the participants can learn how to recognize several species of birds and their main characteristics, closely observing the captured specimens.


A Voyage to the 18th Century Court
Saturday, 13 May, 3pm, Queluz National Palace
Step by step, visitors will get to know every corner of the Queluz National Palace, listen to its history, and watch people from a different time.

A Day with Archaeology
Sunday, 14 May, 3pm, Moorish Castle
Visitors will enter the world of Archaeology and discover the hidden past of the Moorish Castle.


Trails of Nature – “The Fascination of Plants Day” 2017
Saturday, 20 May, 3pm, Pena Park
Tour guided by biologists to explore the botany of this park.


The World of Bees and Other Pollinating Insects – The Pedagogical Apiary of the Monserrate Farmyard
Saturday, 20 May, 10am, Monserrate Farmyard
Let yourself be dazzled by the incredible world of pollinating insects, from the example of bees and apiculture.


The Castle Market
Saturday and Sunday, 20-21 May, 10am-6pm, Moorish Castle
In this little monthly market, visitors can learn about artisanal production methods and acquire several products.


From the Park to the Hunting Grounds: Nature in Sintra and Mafra
Saturday, 20 May, 10am, Monserrate Park and Hunting Grounds, and 3:30pm, Mafra National Hunting Grounds
A program to visit both Sintra and Mafra that allows you to know the diversity of the ecosystems that exist in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.


Concert for Babies – A Day in the Forest
Sunday, 21 May, 10:30am, Monserrate Palace
Snippets of classical music, specially arranged for babies.


Feel the Heritage - Discovering Monserrate Park through Sensations
Saturday, 27 May, 10am, Monserrate Park
Through romantic ruins and waterfalls, visitors will discover the Gardens of Monserrate through touch, hearing and smell.


Monserrate Gardens Without Barriers
Saturday, 27 May, 10:30am, Monserrate Park
Tour aimed at people with reduced mobility.


Heritage in Gestures
Saturday, 27 May, 2:30pm, Monserrate Park
Tour to the Monserrate Gardens and Palace, with interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language.


No Doubt a Typical Farmyard!
Sunday, 28 May, 2:30pm, Monserrate Farmyard
Once again, the Farmyard will be filled with festive colours, smells and flavours. This time, visitors will be able to learn how to make the traditional folar, a type of Portuguese bread eaten during the Easter festive season.


Horse and Pony Rides
Every day, Pena Park


Carriage Rides
Pena Park
The carriage rides at Pena Park will truly take you on a trip back in time.