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August at Casino Estoril

From: 2017-08-01
to: 2017-08-31

August at Casino Estoril


Black and Silver Room – “Around the World in 80 Minutes”

After a successful premiere, this musical, by Filipe La Féria, is now one of the main features of the artistic programme of Estoril Casino. A different, fun and joyful show filled with humour that is sure to please every generation.

“Around the World in 80 Minutes” is on display from Thursdays to Sundays on the Black and Silver Room at Estoril Casino. Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30pm / Saturdays at 5:00pm and 9:30pm / Sundays at 5:00pm. For ages 12 and over.

Prices: Front Orchestra: 25€ / Rear Side Orchestra: 27.50€ / Middle Rear Orchestra: 35€ / Loge: 30€ / Mezzanine 1: 20€ / Mezzanine 2: 15€


Lounge D – “Great Concerts at Estoril Casino”
Orelha Negra, a well-known Portuguese band, will be performing on 3 August, making sure to keep the beat going and providing a fun, dynamic night for the people visiting Estoril Casino.

On the closing night of one more cycle of “Great concerts at Estoril Casino”, the band The Gift will be performing on 10 August, on Lounge D.


Lounge D – Music events

Programme for August, from Wednesday to Saturday

- Fado nights: Wednesdays, days 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30
- Diana: 2
- Dj sets:Nuno Costa, 5 and 12; Nuno Rebelo, 11 and 18
- Rogério Gil: 17 and 24
- Sofia Hoffman band: 25
- Martim Simões de Almeida band: 31


Auditorium – “There’s still something missing”
A fun series of shows that is always being renovated, every Monday, at 10pm

The Estoril casino auditorium will be hosting improv comedy shows until 14 august in a show called “there’s still something missing”. On Mondays, at 10pm. Ages over 12. Price: 12€ per person.


Auditorium – “Let the sunshine in”
Some call them baby boomers. This generation from the 60s changed and shaped the world, but it was in music where they shined the brightest. There were countless genres, songs about everything and about nothing at all…

The Estoril casino auditorium will be showing the musical “let the sunshine in” until 26 august. Showing happens on Fridays and Saturdays, at 9:35pm. Ages 12 and