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Zona de Interesse Biofísico das Avencas

Av. Marginal, ,

Bordered by the Marginal coast road, the Avencas Biophysical Research Area (ZIBA) is located at Parede in the borough of Cascais, midway between the beaches of Bafureira and Parede.

ZIBA is considered to be a very fertile coastal habitat for a great variety of species. It’s also very fragile because of its exposure to extreme natural forces like the powerful Atlantic waves and heavy tide cycles.

ZIBA also has a very diverse range of coastal marine fauna including numerous species of vertebrates such as the lesser black-backed gull (very abundant in winter), sea-bream and tompot blenny, as well as many different invertebrates like the star-fish, sea urchin, common octopus and sea anemone.

Because of its natural richness, it’s a place much frequented by anglers, students of all levels of education, researchers and holidaymakers throughout the whole year.